Wild Fire

My latest vacation read is Nelson DeMille’s Wild Fire. DeMille is great for suspense and usually has characters in his books who are members of the military or work for government agencies. Adventure Guy enjoys reading DeMille, probably because he grew up in a military family, and he recommended the first DeMille novel I read, The Charm School. I’ve also read and enjoyed several of his other novels including The General’s Daughter and The Lion’s Game.
True to type, this novel kept me up late several nights as I was drawn into the plot which involves the quest to stop the deployment of suitcase nuclear weapons in the United States. John Corey, the main character from DeMille’s most recent novels, is a former NYC detective who now works with the FBI as a consultant. He and his wife and fellow FBI agent, Kate Mayfield, are on the case to find out what happened to a colleague who disappeared while conducting surveillance on the exclusive Custer Hill Club. Their investigation leads them to the discovery of a plot to revenge the 9/11 attacks in an unconventional way. I’m not giving away any more than is on the book jacket here in case anyone wants to read the book.
Overall, I’d say I enjoyed Wild Fire, but that it won’t be a particularly memorable read for me. Adventure Guy liked it and also sped through it during his time off recently. He remarked that he liked that DeMille writes strong female characters. For most of the book, I found this comment interesting because Kate Mayfield struck me as fairly whiny and too willing to let her husband run the show in the investigation even though she is his superior at the FBI. She did come through in the end, though, so I see a bit more of the reason for his view of her. Now that I’ve finished the novel, I’ll be able to talk more with him about it when he gets back in town. We don’t always have the same taste in books, so it’s nice when we both read one and can discuss it.
On tap for today now that I’ve finished my book…taking Swim Chick for her first orthodontist appointment.

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  1. Alto2

    Still trying to finish “A Constant Princess,” which is a great read. I have about 5 books on my nightstand that I need to get to. What’s next on your list?

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