Two days. That’s the amount of vacation time I have left this week. I know I am fortunate to have much more time off around the holidays than do most people, but that doesn’t make me any more excited about getting back to work and our usual crazy schedules. I love sleeping in, reading, seeing movies, and generally being lazy. Obviously that can’t continue forever, but it would be nice.

I am definitely in procrastination mode. This applies to both blogging and life in the non-virtual world. I’ve enjoyed reading the year-end posts on several blogs and the “he said/she said” posts on racism over at The Family Blender have me thinking about my own experiences growing up. Not that my thinking is demonstrated in the general drivel I’ve been putting out here lately. Hopefully I’ll be able to pull something more conherent and intelligent together soon.

I also should be putting away Christmas decorations, cleaning, and going to the grocery store. I have to pick up our dogs from the kennel today after noon; Swim Chick has Odyssey of the Mind practice, and Gym Girl has gymnastics, so I will be getting out of the house. I’ll make it to the store eventually too, but I’m not sure if I’ll get much else done. All three kids are having sleepovers tonight, and I’m planning an exotic meal from KFC. Adventure Guy left for a quick business trip to Virginia today, so I’m on my own for a bit on the parenting front. All this adds up to my biggest desire for the day being to stay in bed and finish my latest book, Nelson DeMille’s Wild Fire. More on that in a later What I’m Reading post!



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4 responses to “Procrastination

  1. Alto2

    Happy New Year to the ‘Burbs! I love your writing and am looking to reading wonderful things (nearly) everyday.

  2. Rambling Mom

    an evening home – alone!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh I envy you.

  3. LSM

    Well, rambling mom, we’re hosting the sleepovers so, it’s an evening home alone for me and six kids. 🙂 No need to be too envious. I find it easier to have everyone have a friend over at the same time, though, rather than spreading it out.

  4. Rambling Mom

    Okay lsm — consider this a virtual bottle of wine. You’re going to need it.

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