Monday, Monday

Only four more days until winter break. I have to say I’m looking forward to the vacation! This weekend turned out to be fairly relaxing overall, even though it was busy. As you can tell from Saturday’s post, I got some reading done. Swim Chick and her friend were the only ones home with me Saturday night, and they kept busy working on school projects and practicing for their upcoming orchestra ensemble competition.

Yesterday was a good day. After I picked up Gym Girl from her slumber party, I went to Sunday School. Our class is adopting a family for Christmas, and I delivered the items that we had purchased. It’s great to see everyone pull together to make the holiday nice for three children who otherwise wouldn’t have gifts.

Not long after church Adventure Guy and Soccer Boy returned from their hunting trip. They had some great dad/son bonding time around the campfire and in the deer blind. Adventure Guy got a doe so he was happy. He gave it to his friend who shares the lease, so I’m happy too. I do not have a philosophical problem with deer hunting because the deer population is so large around here that without hunting many deer would starve during the winter. However, I have no desire to eat or cook deer meat. Adventure Guy already took one doe this season and had it processed, so we have plenty of meat for him as well as Gym Girl and Soccer Boy. Swim Chick joins me in the “no deer meat” camp.

Once the whole family was actually home, we decided it was time to go get our Christmas tree. We are not usually quite this late, but we either haven’t had the time or someone has been out-of-town these last several weekends. Trying to get out to the lot on a weeknight is close to impossible with our evening activity schedule. Once we arrived at the lot, we learned that this is one time when procrastination pays off. All the trees were half price. We ended up with a beautiful, large blue spruce which we would likely not have sprung for at full price, but was a great buy at half price. We’ll decorate it tonight.

Adventure Guy and I had a Christmas party to go to last night. It was casual and lots of fun. The highlight was the white elephant gift exchange. I received this lovely item. I haven’t shown it to Soccer Boy yet. He’s going to love it!


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2 responses to “Monday, Monday

  1. Alto2

    Oh yes, Soccer Boy is going to love that moose thing. Why do 7 y.o. boys love all things scatological?? Glad to hear the spirit of the seaon has reached your house, too. I’m looking forward to vacation simply to sleep a little later and not fight about getting ready for school.

  2. Rambling Mom

    I’m going to a gift exchange after Christmas. I’m thinking of passing along the “Tickle Me Elmo.”

    But if I can find that Moose!!!

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